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The Queen City Ivy & Pearls Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to providing purpose-driven programs that empower individuals and communities to grow, strengthen, and sustain. 

Our Mission

“To educate and inspire individuals, families, small businesses, and non-profit organizations through targeted programs, charitable activities, and essential resources designed to leverage empowerment opportunities.”

Dr. Kelley Eaves-Boykin
The Queen City Ivy & Pearls Foundation

The Board of Directors draw on their deep experiences, varied backgrounds and global perspectives to govern our foundation.

2021 Board of Directors

Dr. Kelley Eaves-Boykin, President

Bobbette Willis, First Vice President

Porshah Warris, Second Vice President

Ivory Thomas, Secretary

Arve' Carter, Assistant Secretary

Cathy Sutton, Treasurer

Valerie Vanderhall, Financial Secretary

Shalon Logan, Member at Large

Rev. Glencie Rhedrick, Community Outreach Chairman

Wendy Aaron-Glassman, Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Jontilla Coe, Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Deborah Williams, Newsletter Editor- Public Relations

Ivy Anderson, Digital Technology Chairman

Dr. Margaret Gibson, President of Rho Psi Omega Chapter

Sharon McNeill, Vice President of Rho Psi Omega Chapter

Dr. Shaftina Snipes, Advisor, Immediate Past President

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